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“What Do I Need to Know When Ordering a Wedding Cake?”

Brian Ferry March 2012


When you meet with your cake decorator, she will guide you through the process of every detail of your cake design.  There are some things your decorator/designer will need to know from you and some standard questions that will be asked. You may not have an answer to some of these things before you meet with the decorator, and that’s ok.  She will talk with you, learn what your preferences are, and guide you through the process to arrive at the cake design you are looking for.

Tips to Setting up the Reception Room

• Watch the backgrounds when setting up your cake table.  Don’t let the memories of your wedding cake photos be forever documented with a door in the background that has a sign saying “MEN” on it! 

• When possible, avoid setting the food tables flat against the wall, so your guests can go down both sides for faster serving.

Is “Going Green” Important to You?

As everyone works to preserve the natural assets of our planet, we want to let you know how Top Tier Cakery contributes to the awareness of planet preservation.

• When we designed our bakery, we purchased an “Energy Star Rated” dishwasher that sanitizes while using its own heating element to reach Health Dept. approved temperatures. We also—with great difficulty—found an Energy Star rated commercial refrigerator!

Wedding Cake Servings Guide

Based on standard 1" x 2" x 4" piece

Having an Outdoor Event

At the outset, let me say that having an outdoor wedding reception or event at a public park is not something that I recommend. There’s good reason for that: it’s public. Even with an assigned security staff it can be difficult to control who will be strolling around enjoying your appetizers and beverages, and mingling with your guests. Northern Michigan is lush with beautiful, privately owned estates, clubs, resorts and properties available for a reasonable fee or no fee at all. You will be able to manage access to your event much better within these venues.

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