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Is “Going Green” Important to You?

As everyone works to preserve the natural assets of our planet, we want to let you know how Top Tier Cakery contributes to the awareness of planet preservation.

• When we designed our bakery, we purchased an “Energy Star Rated” dishwasher that sanitizes while using its own heating element to reach Health Dept. approved temperatures. We also—with great difficulty—found and purchased an Energy Star rated commercial refrigerator.

• When traveling to your event, we require our helpers to carpool, reducing our need to burn unnecessary fuels.

• Our communication with you is done via email as much as possible, so we are not using a lot of paper through our printer--saving our forests one sheet of paper at a time.

• In the winter, we reduce our bakery’s thermostat to 64 degrees or less.  On cooking days, the heat from our oven helps heat the room.  (On non-cooking days, we wear non-shedding sweaters.)

• In the summer, we set the air conditioning thermostat to 72 degrees or higher. Air conditioning is provided by an energy efficient, state of the art heat pump.

• We plan our baking schedule for maximum capacity…meaning we work to avoid baking just one or two cakes at a time.  We make sure the oven is filled to capacity whenever possible so we can bake more in shorter time periods, reducing the power needed to run the oven.

• All overhead lights contain low-wattage fluorescent bulbs

• Our bakery was designed with no south-facing or west-facing windows, thus reducing heat build-up in the summer.

• We recycle all cardboard, and as much as possible of other materials. Eggshells go to a home compost bin (and there are a lot of them!)

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