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"What do you need to know when ordering a wedding cake?"

When you meet with your cake decorator, she will guide you through the process of every detail of your cake design.  There are some things your decorator/designer will need to know from you and some standard questions that will be asked. You may not have an answer to some of these things before you meet with the decorator, and that’s ok.  She will talk with you, learn what your preferences are, and guide you through the process to arrive at the cake design you are looking for.

Before your meeting, you might think about:

• How many guests have you invited / how many guests are you expecting?  The decorator/designer will need to have this number to determine what size your cake needs to be, how many tiers you can have, and what design will and won’t work with this number.

• Have you seen a cake design or designs that you like?  If so, feel free to bring those photos with you to your appointment.

• Do you like round or square cakes? Heart? A combination? Something different?

• Do you like cakes stacked (cakes touching cake with no spacing between the tiers) or do you like some separation/space between tiers (such as pillars or an illusion of a cushion of florals between the tiers)?  A combination? Graduated pedestals, each with its own cake?

• Do you have a preference on flavor(s) of cake and of fillings?  “Premium” flavors are those that are much more costly to produce. This is reflected in a slightly higher cost per serving, so be sure to factor this into your budget.

• Is your reception going to be outside or in a non-air conditioned facility?  This can make a difference in the types of cakes, fillings and icings that can be incorporated in your cake.

• Are you considering flowers for your cake?  What kind? Some popular florals are poisonous, and all are at risk of containing harmful chemicals. Be sure to let your florist know which flowers you plan to use on your cake. You may also want to consider using lifelike gumpaste flowers, which can be saved as a lasting keepsake.

• Is there a special color that you would like to see in your cake design?  If so, bring a color sample with you that you can leave with the decorator. 

• What kind of cake topper will you have on the cake?  Flowers may have to be specially arranged or may require a base to set on top of the cake.  If you have a glass or ceramic top, bring it with you to the appointment so the decorator can check the size and weight … sometimes the cake will require special engineering to be able to support the weight of the topper.

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