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We asked Nancy Collard to create a unique cake for our daughter, Sara, for her 21st birthday.  After talking  about some of  Sara's interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes,  Nancy created a masterpiece that  was beyond our wildest imagination!  A perfect replica of a Canon Camera sitting atop a sandy beach complete with a beautiful underwater ocean scene in the viewfinder!  To top it all off, everything Nancy created on this piece of art was edible....and delicious!  Thank you, Nancy, for listening to our ideas and capturing exactly what we wanted.... and more!

Cindy & Scott Emerson

Traverse City, MI

Nancy at Top Tier Cakery made the most wonderful cake for my parents anniversary party. It was stunning! Our guests couldn't believe the flowers on the cake were made of sugar. They looked so real. Then we cut the cake and everyone raved at how good it tasted! Nancy's cakes will amaze you with their beauty and will also be the best tasting cake you've ever had.

Ashley C.
Lenoir, NC

"Everybody was talking about your petite fours. We hated to bite into them, they were so pretty, but once we did they were gone in a flash. Could I get three dozen more for a Christmas party in two weeks?"

Jo Marks

Traverse City, MI
















"This wedding cake is the most beautiful cake I've ever seen!"

Pam O.

Traverse City, MI

Our 7 tier wedding cake was absolutely AMAZING!! As well as the the one of a kind groom's cake. No other bakery could have delivered such artistic perfection, and I'm more than particular! I highly recommend Top Tier Cakery.


Kim E.

Traverse City

"I've never seen anything like your wonderful, detailed petite fours. Beautiful, delicious works of art!"

Robbie Carmichael [local artist]

Traverse City, MI

Hi Nancy,


It’s official.  You win the prize for most professional and perfect wedding vendor! 


You have been an absolute gem since day one.  You are always so courteous, professional and helpful. 


I can’t thank you enough for all your calm flexibility on my daughter’s wedding day.  I am deeply grateful for your spontaneous creativity.  The florist forgot to provide flowers to decorate the cake, but you stepped in and worked your magic. 


AND your cake was the best wedding cake I’ve ever had in my life! 


Thank you again so very, very much Nancy.  I wish you all the very best in life.


Many many thanks and many many hugs,



"Beautiful cake, Nancy! It was perfect and we had raving reviews from all the guests -- the look and the taste. We got raving reviews from the Super Bowl party guests as well. Thank you!" 

Amanda Zehner Carlson

“These are truly works of art.” 

Lin W.

Traverse city, MI

“Your creations were the talk of the party!”

Barbara S.

Traverse City, MI

Nancy Collard has been for many years the cake designer and baker of choice for our family and all the important occasions in our lives -- birthdays, graduations, garden parties, festivals, and celebrations of all kinds.  She never ceases to amaze with her creativity of design, excellence of execution, the caring way she oversees final presentation, her helpful advice on cake etiquette for any occasion -- and the utterly delicious tastes she creates in her memorable and unmistakably superior cake designs.  Her cakes stand alone as works of art in their own right. 

We send this wholehearted and enthusiastic endorsement in anticipation of enjoying and sharing many more mouth watering slices of her Top Tier Cakery creations in the future!

Gordon Riddle Pennington
New York City / Owosso, Michigan


Nancy - the cake was fabulous!!! I spent just as much time with it as I did some of the guests - we hung out, we talked, we took some photos together, haha. It was just gorgeous and everyone thought it was fantastic. I hope you had fun making it. Unfortunately, the only bite that I got of it was when we cut the cake - I never was able to sit down and eat my cake before they swept it away. :( Glad I have the top tier. Rob also loved his football helmet. Toward the end of the night the guys swarmed around it and just dug into it with forks. Haha, but there was a lot left so we have still been eating it.

Thank you so much!


Nancy, THANK YOU.  You are a very special lady.  Your helpful and understanding personality made everything so much easier.  The cake was gorgeous and delicious.  That had to be the BEST tasting wedding cake ever.  My sister-in-law does a fabulous job baking, too.  But, I have to say -- yours is awesome.  There was nothing left -- one little cake pan came home, that's all. The chocolate went like crazy...

Wanda Charbonneau

Nancy continuously surprises me with her amount of talent, dedication, perfection, and impeccable precise detail. She has the ability to turn any thought or idea into an incredible, edible treasure.
She created a lovely bathtub cake... a reminder to relax!  Cucumber slices, a fuzzy rug with little pink slippers, bubbles that shimmered and even a small book, all completely edible. The cake made me smile from ear to ear and my coworkers marvled at the impressive detail.  Her talent doesn't stop with cakes. You won't be disappointed with an order of her petit fours. Her impressive little desserts are perfect for everything from holidays to game days. I will continue to order from Nancy as well as recommend her to anyone as I feel she will be the best source for your baking needs. 

Tammy Przybylo

Traverse City

“The detail was fabulous; the best surprise was that it tasted even better than it

Char K.

"I knew exactly what I wanted my anniversary cake to look and taste like, and none of the local bakeries could do it for me. Then I called you!
You listened. You cared. Most of all you gave me everything I was envisioning, only better! Thank you so much."

Koran Fulkerson

Traverse City, MI

"You're the only baker I'll use from now on -- the cake was so good I wished I'd ordered a larger one. I've never seen people come back for more and devour a cake the way my guests did! I'd planned on having leftovers for myself, but it was all gone."

Ardis Tower

Traverse City, MI

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